Let’s Play!


Here’s how to play:

-go to the page (listed to the right of my blog) titled ‘LNS Treasure Hunt-Participating Blogs’

-visit each of the blogs listed (it’s always nice to leave a comment!) -look for participating Treasure Hunt players – they will have the picture of the SU! box (above), and they will list their clue

-make a note of what the clue is, and whose blog it is on

-once you’ve collected 50 clues, email them to ME at snellmisty@ymail.com  listing each clue & where you found it

-you have from Tuesday August 20th to Friday, October 25th 2013 to collect 50 clues and email them to me, to be entered into the contest

-Contest closes Friday Oct. 25th at midnight PST; draw & winners will be announced on Oct.28th by the coordinating demonstrators


2 thoughts on “LNS FALL 2013 TREASURE HUNT!

    1. Thanks for visiting! I’ve now posted a few of my ‘playing around’ cards & will post a few more tomorrow. Looked at your site…..Loved the projects I saw and subscribed.


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